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Effective Traffic Incident Management (TIM) reduces the duration and impacts of traffic incidents and improves the safety of motorists, crash victims and emergency responders. 

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What is TIM?

Read more about AZ TIM and the TIM responder training course.

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Traffic Incident Management (TIM) responders—including fire, police, ambulance and towing and recovery professionals—work together to help motorists and to clear incidents safely and quickly. But these responders can't do it alone. As a driver, you must also do your part to help keep everyone safe and moving on our roadways.

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02/04 – 02/08 - Firefighters, EMTs and Apparatus Struck – Roadway Operations

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Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association (APTRA) co-teaching with ADOT for Safety Stand Down Day

Don-Angell and Raul Amavisca

ADOT recently participated in the State of Oregon’s 2018 statewide annual conference. During this conference a on Traffic Incident Management AZ, NY, OR, MT, TX, WA, and the cities of Seattle and Maryland all participated in a Peer exchange on TIM programs and Service Patrols across the state.


We are pleased to announce that the update to the National Highway Institute’s (NHI) Web-Based Training (WBT) version of the

FHWA Innovation of the Month

The use of data from computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems is an advanced approach to implementing the Every Day Counts round four (EDC-4) initiative on using data to improve traffic incident management (TIM).

Total Number of Trained Responders in Arizona 7363

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Arizona Traffic Incident Management Awards

This award is to recognize and honor TIM stakeholders who have made significant contributions in support and furtherance of the Arizona TIM program. The cooperating TIM Agencies are accepting nominations for 2019. Nominations due by August 31, 2020.

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