MCDOT’s REACT Improves Conspicuity

React Trucks Before and After
September 15, 2022

Recently MCDOT’s Regional Emergency Action Coordinating Team or REACT has improved it’s conspicuity by adding retro reflective stripping and logos to the sides of their response vehicles. What is conspicuity? It simply is the property of being clearly discernable, or identifiable.  This is important as it provides side visibility, especially, under low light conditions were there are fewer emergency lights, or not present at all.

These conspicuity efforts bring REACT closer to the NFPA 1901 standards and the recommendation of the FHWA SHRP2 TIM Responder Course. When in a closure REACT trucks emergency lighting is reduced to make electronic message boards more visible and to avoid disruptive lighting glare to the traveling public. The retro reflective stripping bridges the gap for approaching vehicles that REACT trucks and responders are present.