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Thank you for volunteering to be a TIM instructor! You are making a difference every day and directly impacting the lives of all on our roadways.

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We use EventZilla to manage classes

All the courses scheduled with ADOT and DPS instructors use the online registration assistant EventZilla. This allows us to streamline the registration process and track students and courses with greater ease.  Course setup on EventZilla is performed (only) by AZ TIM Coordinators.  Instructors can request new classes using the online form on this site.

Teaching Materials

TIM Quick Clearance Training

TIM Responder Course Materials (4 hour course)

Download PDF File

TIM Introduction Video


Your FHWA Account - Register as an Instructor

View the TIM Instructor - FHWA Reporting Guide for getting set up on the FHWA TIM site so you can report your classes.

  • Create an FHWA Account
  • Report your Classes

Instructor Refresher

How to Schedule a Course

Gather your new course information, i.e. identify location, date, time, and instructor(s) and follow these instructions to schedule a new class.

  1. Complete and submit a "Request a New TIM Responder Course" form. A TIM-AZ coordinator will receive your request, enter it into Eventzilla, post it on the TIM Training Calendar, and provide you a link to send out to the audience you wish to teach.
  2. BEFORE THE COURSE: TIM-AZ coordinators will email you your final roster 1 day before your course starts.
  3. DURING THE COURSE: Make sure that students know that must turn in their certificates to their agency’s training coordinator in order to receive credit for the course.
  4. AFTER THE COURSE: Go onto the FHWA website and record your class numbers using the “create an account” and “report your classes” guides below. IF YOU DO NOT RECORD YOUR CLASSES WE CANNOT GIVE YOU CREDIT AS A TIM INSTRUCTOR.


Course Documents / Resources

Arizona Traffic Incident Management Nomination Request
Nomination form for th

Course Certificate Template - 4 hour TIM Responder Course
For instructors: Download template and use it to create certificates for each student.
Course Certificate Template in Powerpoint - TIM 4-hour Responder Course
Program Compliance Confirmation Form
Program Completion Certificate - National TIM Responder Training

Documents - TIM Instructor FHWA Reporting Guides
A reference guide for how to log in and manage your FHWA account and report completed classes.
TIM Responder Training Program - Site User Guide

Information Sharing for Traffic Incident Management
This document identifies and summarizes the information needs of public and private incident responders. It describes how information is obtained and shared during an event in order to best support safe, quick response.

TIM Responder Training Announcement / Schedule
Flyer and Training Schedule
Flyer - TIM Training Announcement

Training Course Materials - documents
Files attached.
Course Overview / Outline
Link: Course Material - Presentation